Saturday, 27 June 2015

Empties #1

Hello. I'm back with a new post. I have been very busy lately with my new job, and since I now have to wake up in the middle of the night, my biorhythm needs some adjusting to do. I was also barely even at home (where I keep most of my things, since I haven't officially move in with my dear) it was a bit hard to plan any posts, because I always think of some item I would like to include in a post and I didn't have it with me. There are also a lot of other things going on in my life, but those are a personal matter so I won't write about them, not just jet.

For today I wanted to do my first empties post, because there's been a lot of "junk" lying around my room and bathroom. I also threw some of the things away, so this is not all, but I think it's still a lot.

With both, me and my fiancee, having extremely long hair, we go through a lot of different shampoos and conditioners. First pair is Pantene pro-v nature fusion. I didn't really like is so I won't ever repurchased them. Batiste dry shampoo become a must in my collection, I love it for those days when my hair doesn't feel so clean anymore and also not too greasy. I spray it over my roots and voila, they look clean again and it also give them a little boost. I already repurchase it, since they started selling them in my country.  Next is Wella conditioner which I hated, because it hasn't done nothing to my hair, I definitely won't buy it again. I have always liked Balea shampoos and conditioners. They are very cheap and I like how my hair feel after using it. They also smell very good, I will repurchase it, but not this smell, I prefer the peach one or the coconut one more. And now my favourite, Lee Stafford big fat healthy hair shampoo and conditioner. I don't share those two with anyone, because they are a little bit pricey and I use them on special occasions. They smell great and make my hair feels incredible. I would love to have a life long supply of those. I was sad when I ran out of them, but luckily for me, my mom got me new ones, yay. Another great shampoo, from the brand I have never heard of - Hask. I got this one in Primark and I loved it. I need to repurchase it when I will go there again (luckily there's Primark opening in Graz soon).

I'm in a constant search of new shampoos and conditioners, so if you have any recommendations, write them down in the comments.

In this post you will find out that I share a lot of my products with my fiancee, also shower gels. Our personal favourite is I love... minty choco chips. We both love anything minty (from ice cream, shisha tobacco to, apparently shower gels:)). We need to repurchase this one asap. Next product is also a staple in my bathroom cabinet, it's Balea sensitive deo crystal. I tend to avoid using deo sprays so in winter I use only a crystal. Last year, when we went to Greece my mom bought herself a Melbeauty honey + olive body butter. We both used it and we both loved it. I need to find a way to get a hands on that one again. I smells amazing and it also makes your skins moisturized and soft.
I have three more shower gels, Fruttini strawberry starfruit, Dvorec Trebnik coconut and Yves Rocher  retropical. They all are nice smelling shower gels, but not that special so I won't repurchase them, because I rarely buy the same gels, since there's so many of them in the shops and I would like to try as many as I can.

Now to the face products. First is my beloved Lush  cosmetic warrior face mask. I wrote a whole review about it, so you can read more about it here . I already used two pots, so I will need to go and get myself a new one soon. Another awsome product is Blistex raspberry lemonade blast lip balm. In the winter my lips are very chapped, and I struggled for years to find a product that will repair them, this one does it's job amazingly, I will buy it again, maybe in a different scent. I'm not a huge fan of cleansing milks so I will not repurchase this Garnier one. This one is for dry skin, because I got it before my skin went nuts and got all oily. It's great and all I just prefer micellar waters. Speaking of which, my favourite is L'oreal skin perfector 3 in  purifying micellar solution. I stopped counting how many bottles I have used up and I always have one extra. I also tried Afrodita clean phase micellar solution and it's also good , it also have better ingredients than L'oreal one. I love cleaning my face with Alverde waschcreme. It's made for acne prone skin and I gave me a feeling that it cleans it very well. I will repurchase it in the future, because I have some other products to use up first. Getting a face brush was one of the greatest idea, regarding my skin cleaning routine. Since december I switched two little brush attachments. Essence pureskin moisturizer is my favourite summertime moisturizer. I love it because it's very light and it sinks in very quickly. I love the fact that this product doesn't break me out. I will repurchase it.

Next are perfumes, Avril Lavigne - Forbidden rose, Dita Von Teese - rouge and the original one. Out of all Dita's perfumes rouge is my favourite. I love it because of it's poudery scent. The original scent (black bottle) is very floral and it's great for spring. Paco Rabanne Black xs is a very strong scent, which I like, but lately I prefer lighter scents, so I wont repurchase this one in the near future. I got Naomi Campbell Cat deluxe perfume while doing a contest for Slovenian Cosmopolitan. I used to love it and I'm seriously considering buying it again. Last item is an item I want to repurchase the most, but sadly it was a limited edition and I can't get it anywhere. It's Artdeco Dita Von Teese compact powder. I looooved using it because it's very light and it suits my skin tone.


  1. Uau, to je pa veliko izpraznjene embalaže :)

  2. te bloge vedno rada berem. :3 tudi tvoj mi je top. precej stvari poznanim, torej takih ki sem jih že poskusila.

    super. xoxo