Tuesday, 28 January 2014

New bits - january #19

 In the month january I have managed to avoid sales, I just got few things which I really liked. I was on a vacation in Čateške toplice with my fiancee and we deicided to visit Zagreb one day, of course I had to buy something there. We found shopping center called City center and there, in shop OVS I found this gorgeous black tote bag with skulls on it. I ordered deer statement necklace on ebay at the begining of december and I hoped it would arrive in time for my christmas outfit, but it didn't, so it will have to wait till next year. While browsing clothing racks in Zara, I came across with this gorgeous red summer dress with white polka dots on it. I had mixed feelings about it at first and I neede to sleep it off, because red is not my usual colour to wear. Next day I deicided to give it a try and I loved it! You will see me in my new red dress this summer a lot. I also treat myself with a new Yankee candle - sugared apple, because they have all witer and christmas scents on sale (30% off). The most exciting thing that I bougt is a new phone. I was eyeing with Samsung galaxy S 4, but it was too expensive for me, so I got S 3, which I'm so happy about, because it is an awsome phone.

 My mom bought me the cutest sweater ever. It is black with white peter pan collar which have pearls on it. You can get it at the store Ann Christine.

If you are familiar with the site mojbutik.si, you probably know that you can find great deals there. I found this Dainty Doll liquid foundation, which is made for pale skin. I will write a review on this one soon. In our local DM I grabbed lip balm called Lip smacker in flavour berry buttercream. It smells so nice, I want to eat it. Balea shower gel is also from DM, I didn't really needed it, but this one smells amazing so I had to have it (you know that feeling right?).

Last two items are from Essence. First is blush from Kalinka beauty in 01east side story and the second is jumbo sheer stick from Love letters in 01 rosy in love.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

What I wore - prom

Since prom season is just around the corner, I thought I would show you what I wore to my and my brothers prom.  I had my prom many many years ago (2006) when there were no gothic shops in Slovenia, so I had troubles finding a perfect dress for me. I deicided to wear a three piece outfit, I had a long plain black skirt and a bolero made which I paired with a corset looking top from Dorothy Perkins. The thing I like the most about my outfit is this gorgeous black beaded necklace which I found at Watsons.

My brother had his prom three years later. For this occasion I choose a purple coctail dress, which I bought in some random shop in Austria, bolero (I used to wear them alot, huh?), the necklace from my prom and my undercover boots.

If I would have a prom this year, I would deffinately order a dress online. Something similar to the dresses you can find at Restyle.

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Friday, 10 January 2014

Deborah Milano CC cream 8 in 1 review

I received this CC (colour correcting) cream a while ago but I couldn bring myself around to test it, because I was turned off by it's awful smell. But since this review was requested I deicided to give it a try, maybe it will surprise me. But did it? It promise to prime, correct, uniform, moisturize, protect, nourish, lift effect and antioxidant action - thanks to Hyaluronic Acid.

When you open the dose you see a compartment with a mirror and the product which consistensy is creamy to powder (a bit too thick for me) the dose also come with a compartment with a sponge for aplication. I found the design very useless, because you can't really open it enough to use a mirror. I've got it in the shade 00 which is the faires (obviously). The cream should work as a primer, concealer and foundation it is formulated to minimaze the risk of allergy and has a SPF 20. So far, sounds like a dream, right? I applied the product on the clean face using enclosed sponge. I find it hard to apply, I guess it is not creamy enough for smooth application. When you are done with the application you get very natural look with light coverage. If your skin isn't problematic, the product could work for you, but for me it serves only like a primer, because spots are still visible after the application is done. I hope that my skin will improve, so I can test the product "under better conditions".

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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

No heat curls

Yesterday I wanted to do something different with my hair. On youtube I found a great tutorial for curls without using heat, so I deicided to give it a try. I washed my hair and leave it to dry. When they were almost dry, I took a headband and made, as shown in the video. I didn't use any spray or something like that. I must say, it was a bit weird to sleep with this on my head, I had a feeling like I was wearing a hat.
In the morning I've got beaufitful curls which I styled with my skeleton hand hair clip. Have you ever tried this method? I will definitely use it more often, because it is super easy. They are not very long lasting though (1 day), but still it is a nice change.

Monday, 6 January 2014

December favourites

 December is my favourite month of the year. I like all the festivity in the air, pretty lights, nailpolishes and make up looks with glitters, christmas lights, christmas songs. That's why I picked my december favourites carefully, to go with the christmas theme. You can't have december withouth some bling bling, I wore my two new bracelets and a statement necklace a lot. On our christmas wreath we had Yankee candle - christmas eve, which we have been burning non stop for the whole month. Perfect nail polish for this season is Essie - toggle to the top. For soft lips I have been using Labelllo lip butter - vanilla & macadamia and since I don't wear lipstick that often I have been loving Baby lips - cherry me, because it gives my lips a nice red colour. I fell in love with Catrice baked eyeshadow - CO2 LOVEnder from LE Celtica and Catrice cat eyes eyeliner - CO1 Thrilling me softly. To finish the whole look you have to chose a special perfume, I picked Dita Von Teese - Rouge, which is one of my favourite scent in my perfume collection. The perfume contains accords of orange, bergamot, pink pepper, smoked Lapsang Souchong tea, magnolia, woody tones and raw amber.

As for the series, I have been watching Once upon a time and Once upon a time in wonderland a lot. If you like fairytales, you will love both of them.