Sunday, 27 August 2017

August favourites

Hello everybody, today I'm back with my favourites post. September is nearly here, so it's time for my august favourites. I must confess I'm very happy for summer to be over, because I think in Slovenia every summer is hotter, which I hate. And also, september is my birthday month and this year it's a round one. My husband and I also celebrate our wedding anniversary in september, so you can see why this month is probably my favourite. But let's not skip ahead and go back to august.

I'm one of those lucky people that sweat a lot, and ultra high temperatures were just added bonus). This year I tried Borotalco deo roll on for the first time and they really were a life savers. I tried invisible and intensive ones and I like intensive one best. It has a nice scent which I was able to smell through the whole day. I have no idea why, but my hair got really dry, so to give my ends a little moist I'm using Melvita argan oil. At first I thought it will be too oily and my hair will get greasy, but if you add a small amount (I add 1 pump) it's perfect. My favourite nail polish brand is still Essie and for the summer I like to go for a bit more colorful shades, this one is California coral. When I first saw this L'oreal miss Baby Roll mascara I had to take it and I ended up loving it. I was using it every single day and I just ran out of it. I will repurchse it.

Matte liquid lipsticks are very in at the moment and when Kylie released her famous lip kits, many brands did the same and Primark was no different. While walking in Primark in Galway I saw this one (it comes in a set with lip pencil for 4€). It dries very quickly but it leaves a nice feeling on the lips. I love it's staying power since it stayed on my lips for 8 hours. I threw away the box so I can't tell you the shade of mine.

 For remoning my make up I started using Bioderma micellar solution for the first time. I tried a lot of different ones and since I tried this one I can see what thee hype was all about. It removes make up almost effortless. For treating myself under the shower I'm currently using Lush The Comfoter shower cream which has a yummy blackcurrant aroma.

 I love the concept of "make your own palette" and I was very happy when essence brought those out. I created myself this palette with two matte  and six shimmery shades. As you can see one of them have a little accident on a plane. I love their colors, their pigmentations and they also last a long time. It's certainly my most used palette.

And onto the last item, Yankee Candle shea butter meltcup for my scenterpiece. This scent is amazing, it's creamy, powdery and in my opinion appropriate for everyone. I prefer those meltcups as opposed to regular waxes, because it's earier to switch between scents.