Friday, 10 January 2014

Deborah Milano CC cream 8 in 1 review

I received this CC (colour correcting) cream a while ago but I couldn bring myself around to test it, because I was turned off by it's awful smell. But since this review was requested I deicided to give it a try, maybe it will surprise me. But did it? It promise to prime, correct, uniform, moisturize, protect, nourish, lift effect and antioxidant action - thanks to Hyaluronic Acid.

When you open the dose you see a compartment with a mirror and the product which consistensy is creamy to powder (a bit too thick for me) the dose also come with a compartment with a sponge for aplication. I found the design very useless, because you can't really open it enough to use a mirror. I've got it in the shade 00 which is the faires (obviously). The cream should work as a primer, concealer and foundation it is formulated to minimaze the risk of allergy and has a SPF 20. So far, sounds like a dream, right? I applied the product on the clean face using enclosed sponge. I find it hard to apply, I guess it is not creamy enough for smooth application. When you are done with the application you get very natural look with light coverage. If your skin isn't problematic, the product could work for you, but for me it serves only like a primer, because spots are still visible after the application is done. I hope that my skin will improve, so I can test the product "under better conditions".

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