Tuesday, 28 January 2014

New bits - january #19

 In the month january I have managed to avoid sales, I just got few things which I really liked. I was on a vacation in Čateške toplice with my fiancee and we deicided to visit Zagreb one day, of course I had to buy something there. We found shopping center called City center and there, in shop OVS I found this gorgeous black tote bag with skulls on it. I ordered deer statement necklace on ebay at the begining of december and I hoped it would arrive in time for my christmas outfit, but it didn't, so it will have to wait till next year. While browsing clothing racks in Zara, I came across with this gorgeous red summer dress with white polka dots on it. I had mixed feelings about it at first and I neede to sleep it off, because red is not my usual colour to wear. Next day I deicided to give it a try and I loved it! You will see me in my new red dress this summer a lot. I also treat myself with a new Yankee candle - sugared apple, because they have all witer and christmas scents on sale (30% off). The most exciting thing that I bougt is a new phone. I was eyeing with Samsung galaxy S 4, but it was too expensive for me, so I got S 3, which I'm so happy about, because it is an awsome phone.

 My mom bought me the cutest sweater ever. It is black with white peter pan collar which have pearls on it. You can get it at the store Ann Christine.

If you are familiar with the site mojbutik.si, you probably know that you can find great deals there. I found this Dainty Doll liquid foundation, which is made for pale skin. I will write a review on this one soon. In our local DM I grabbed lip balm called Lip smacker in flavour berry buttercream. It smells so nice, I want to eat it. Balea shower gel is also from DM, I didn't really needed it, but this one smells amazing so I had to have it (you know that feeling right?).

Last two items are from Essence. First is blush from Kalinka beauty in 01east side story and the second is jumbo sheer stick from Love letters in 01 rosy in love.


  1. Ful mi je ušeč rdeča oblekca :))

  2. Živjo :)
    Z Ajdo sva te nominirale za Liebster Award 2014. Objavo si lahko ogledaš tukaj http://ajda-tjasa-beauty.blogspot.com/2014/01/liebster-award-2014-edition.html
    lp, Tjaša :)

  3. oo nakupla si same lepe stvari ! kjutt !! :))