Monday, 30 March 2015

Lush Cosmetic Warrior review

On today's menu we have a very special product. I will write about Lush fresh face mask named Cosmetic Warrior. My friend recommended me this one, claiming to be great against spots. At first I thought I would hate is, since it's main ingredient is garlic, but don't let that scare you off. I'm not a big fan of garlic myself but I was willing to try this mask anyway. It also contains egg whites, honey and tee tree oil. You get 75 g of product for 10,54€ buy here.

 The salesperson in the store told me to use it once a day for a week, so I can see how my skin react to it.  I have been using it for almost two weeks now, and so far I love it. As you can see from the picture below, my mask is almost gone and I'm sure I will repurchase it. I love that it really cleanses my face, especially my pores. Since I started using it I noticed that I have less spots and my skin become softer and less oily.

The one negative thing about it is the smell, I doesn't really smell of garlic, but it still isn't very pleasant one. It is also very hard to rinse it off. I normally put it on my face 10 minutes before going to take a shower and rinse it off there. Overall it is a great mask which I will gladly add to my nighttime routine.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Essence Brit - tea Trend edition preview

It’s teatime! From April until May 2015, essence is inviting you to the first garden party of the year with the new trend edition “brit-tea”. Inspired by the classic British tea time, hip products with a retro look are served in the soft colors cream, apricot, mint and lilac – and a touch of bright pink for a spring-like contrast. Decorated with cute blossom prints and floral elements, the design is reminiscent of the décor at a stylish tea party. The lip balm is a special highlight with its gorgeous flower packaging. Other wanna-haves are: the blush embossed with a sea of flowers on the surface and the eyeshadow palette with three soft pastel nuances that complete your brit-tea style. The garden season has opened… with essence! 

essence brit-tea – eyeshadow palette

Eye love Britain! The eyeshadow palette includes the three spring colors cream, apricot-rosé and purple to create the perfect eye make-up for any garden party. The creamy, slightly shimmering texture is easy to apply and blend with the eyeshadow brush. Available in 01 keep calm and have some tea. 

essence brit-tea – eyeshadow brush

Afternoon tea… it’s easy to apply, mix and blend your eyeshadow with this brush. It has two ends with soft bristles– one fine and one broad– so that you can create varied make-up looks. Available in 01 keep calm and have some tea. 

essence brit-tea – duo highlighter pencil

Your high-ness! The duo highlighter pencil is particularly handy and practical as it combines the two gorgeous colors cream and apricot with two application options. Applied on the inner corners of your eyes, the pencil visibly makes your eyes look bigger, while it has a beautiful lifting effect when applied underneath your brows. Available in 01 par-tea highlight. 

essence brit-tea – lip balm

Beauty gift… the balm pampers your lips and gives them a subtle touch of pink at the same time. Thanks to the cute packaging with a flower opening, this lip balm isn’t just a care highlight - it’s lovely to look at, too. Available in 01 vanilla ice-t baby. 

essence brit-tea – lipgloss

Tea or coffee? Apricot and pink with iridescent shimmer particles create a cool, shiny finish on your lips. The long-lasting formula feels wonderfully pleasant and offers subtle color dispersion. Available in 01 tea is the new coffee and 02 pink to go. 

essence brit-tea – illuminating base

Party glow… the illuminating base gives your face a natural, subtle shimmer and a beautiful, radiant complexion. It can be applied as a primer underneath your make-up or used on its own – either way, a subtle glow is guaranteed. Available in 01 make tea not war. 

essence brit-tea – blush

Rose garden! The three colors of the blush – cream, rosé and pink – can be combined optimally so you can emphasize your cheeks with the desired nuance. The rose embossment turns this blush into an absolute eyecatcher. Available in 01 tea-riffic garden party. 

essence brit-tea – nail polish

(P)Earl grey… the cool spring colors purple, light blue, pink and green are the ideal choice for a cozy tea party in the outdoors. The four long-lasting nail polishes all have a hip porcelain effect for a fashionable spring style! Available in 01 tea-pical british, 02 have a beau-tea-full day, 03 pink to go and 04 green tea for two. 

essence brit-tea – nail file

Tea cup file! Shape and shorten your nails with this cute nail file to make sure that you can show-off your nail polish at its best. The sweet English tea print makes styling your nails even more fun! Available in 01 make tea not war. 

essence brit-tea – earring set

Hello English rose! To perfectly round off the “brit-tea” look, the trend edition includes cute earrings with a rose appearance on high-quality metal. One set contains two pairs in rosé and pink. Available in 01 blossoms etc.. 

This trend edition will be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Russia, Australia, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Nepal, Chile, Paraguay, Algeria, Bahrain and in Jordan.

essence “brit-tea” will be available in stores in April and Mai 2015**. 
**as long as stocks last

Friday, 6 March 2015

Ready for spring?

In my country the winter is comming to an end. I love winter, but I also like spring. I love it when the season changes because that means new wardrobe and new beauty poducts. In today's post I will show you some od my spring stash. Those are just some of them, because I didn't want this post to be too long. I'm thinking about bringing back monthly favouites posts, how would you like that?

Let's stat with good smelling items. First is Yves Rocher GREEN TEA eau de toilette (purchase here). Lately I tend to like fresh scents more than those sickly sweet ones. I think fresh ones are great for spring and summer, I will be using this one non-stop.
Next is Ma Provence orange blossom shower gel. I actualy already started using it and I love the scent very much.
Yankee Candle Aloe Vera (purchase here) is very nice and fresh scent. I like it because it's not too overpowering. It's a part of their new spring collection, wich in my opinion is great, I like every scent in it. More about the whole collection on my friends Živa blog here.

 Essie - fiji is probably the most popular shade amongst beauty bloggers, I thik that almost every beauty blogger in Slovenia own one, so I have to follow the trend and got it for myself. I think this one is great for everyday use because it's very natural. The shade mint candy apple is one of my favourite. It's this perfect mint nailpolish that everyone should own. I really like my pastels in spring as you can tell.
Essence lash princess false lash effect mascara is a new mascara from essence. I'm really impressed by their mascaras because they are great and cheap too.

 Catrice CO1 Apricoco matt lip colour is very pretty orange/coral/appricot colour. I steppet out of my safe zone with this one a bit, and I'm glat that I did, because I really like it and I know I will wear it a lot.

The last is the product that I'm most excited to feature in this post, it's my beloved Urban Decay NAKED 2 palette  (purchase here). This one has been on my wishlist since it first came out. The shades are great for either daytime or nighttime makeup looks. I love the facts that it has matt and shimmery shades. I would love to own other two palettes, but this one is the one I know I will use a lot because the shades are totally up my alley and the fact that it also have a black shade won me over even more. The palette comes with the brush, wich is actually pretty great and a set of eye primers.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Afrodita cosmetics sugar scrub

When it comes to using a body scrub, I'm not a good exaple, because I tend to forget that they exist in my drawer. You know that feeling, nobody's got time for that? Yup, totaly me in a relation to body scrubs. But lately something has changed. I know many girls were raving about Afrodita cosmetics sugar scrub and I really wanted to see what the fuss is all about. When I first opend the lid I fell in love with the smell. It's very sweet, vanilla scented luxurious product. I immediately decieded that this little fella is comming in the shower with me. On the lid it says that it contains brown sugar and shea butter. When I first put my fingers in it I could really feel the sugar crystals. You must be gentle when applying it onto your body, because otherwise it can be a little harsh. After rinsing it off you are left with smooth, soft and also hydrated skin. I have never found a scrub that good and I know I will use this one often, atleast once a week.