Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Beauty box: Chic things for smart girls summer edition

Click2chic surprised us with a new beauty box again. This time it was a blind buy, because I only know for two products, other were mystery. You can order your box here, where you can also order previous one which is on sale.

Green line - micellar cleansing water, I love using them, but I have never tried this one.
Amai - moisturizing cream, this one is for face and body, but I think I will only use it for my body, especially my hands.

Revlon tweezer, we all need them, right?
Visett body hair remowal. I'm looking forward to trying this out.

Models OWN scented nailpolish - Gumballs, I'm happy to add this one into my collection. I smells like bubblegum and it's in pretty pink shade. 
phi repair conditioner samples, being on a constant lookout for a good conditioner, this will help me alot, so I can test a new product, without buying it.

What do you think about this box? I personally think that the previous one was better. If I would see all the products before, I probably wouldn't buy it, but on the other hand I'm glad I got it, because I will have a chance to test some of the products I normally wouldn't buy.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Empties #1

Hello. I'm back with a new post. I have been very busy lately with my new job, and since I now have to wake up in the middle of the night, my biorhythm needs some adjusting to do. I was also barely even at home (where I keep most of my things, since I haven't officially move in with my dear) it was a bit hard to plan any posts, because I always think of some item I would like to include in a post and I didn't have it with me. There are also a lot of other things going on in my life, but those are a personal matter so I won't write about them, not just jet.

For today I wanted to do my first empties post, because there's been a lot of "junk" lying around my room and bathroom. I also threw some of the things away, so this is not all, but I think it's still a lot.

With both, me and my fiancee, having extremely long hair, we go through a lot of different shampoos and conditioners. First pair is Pantene pro-v nature fusion. I didn't really like is so I won't ever repurchased them. Batiste dry shampoo become a must in my collection, I love it for those days when my hair doesn't feel so clean anymore and also not too greasy. I spray it over my roots and voila, they look clean again and it also give them a little boost. I already repurchase it, since they started selling them in my country.  Next is Wella conditioner which I hated, because it hasn't done nothing to my hair, I definitely won't buy it again. I have always liked Balea shampoos and conditioners. They are very cheap and I like how my hair feel after using it. They also smell very good, I will repurchase it, but not this smell, I prefer the peach one or the coconut one more. And now my favourite, Lee Stafford big fat healthy hair shampoo and conditioner. I don't share those two with anyone, because they are a little bit pricey and I use them on special occasions. They smell great and make my hair feels incredible. I would love to have a life long supply of those. I was sad when I ran out of them, but luckily for me, my mom got me new ones, yay. Another great shampoo, from the brand I have never heard of - Hask. I got this one in Primark and I loved it. I need to repurchase it when I will go there again (luckily there's Primark opening in Graz soon).

I'm in a constant search of new shampoos and conditioners, so if you have any recommendations, write them down in the comments.

In this post you will find out that I share a lot of my products with my fiancee, also shower gels. Our personal favourite is I love... minty choco chips. We both love anything minty (from ice cream, shisha tobacco to, apparently shower gels:)). We need to repurchase this one asap. Next product is also a staple in my bathroom cabinet, it's Balea sensitive deo crystal. I tend to avoid using deo sprays so in winter I use only a crystal. Last year, when we went to Greece my mom bought herself a Melbeauty honey + olive body butter. We both used it and we both loved it. I need to find a way to get a hands on that one again. I smells amazing and it also makes your skins moisturized and soft.
I have three more shower gels, Fruttini strawberry starfruit, Dvorec Trebnik coconut and Yves Rocher  retropical. They all are nice smelling shower gels, but not that special so I won't repurchase them, because I rarely buy the same gels, since there's so many of them in the shops and I would like to try as many as I can.

Now to the face products. First is my beloved Lush  cosmetic warrior face mask. I wrote a whole review about it, so you can read more about it here . I already used two pots, so I will need to go and get myself a new one soon. Another awsome product is Blistex raspberry lemonade blast lip balm. In the winter my lips are very chapped, and I struggled for years to find a product that will repair them, this one does it's job amazingly, I will buy it again, maybe in a different scent. I'm not a huge fan of cleansing milks so I will not repurchase this Garnier one. This one is for dry skin, because I got it before my skin went nuts and got all oily. It's great and all I just prefer micellar waters. Speaking of which, my favourite is L'oreal skin perfector 3 in  purifying micellar solution. I stopped counting how many bottles I have used up and I always have one extra. I also tried Afrodita clean phase micellar solution and it's also good , it also have better ingredients than L'oreal one. I love cleaning my face with Alverde waschcreme. It's made for acne prone skin and I gave me a feeling that it cleans it very well. I will repurchase it in the future, because I have some other products to use up first. Getting a face brush was one of the greatest idea, regarding my skin cleaning routine. Since december I switched two little brush attachments. Essence pureskin moisturizer is my favourite summertime moisturizer. I love it because it's very light and it sinks in very quickly. I love the fact that this product doesn't break me out. I will repurchase it.

Next are perfumes, Avril Lavigne - Forbidden rose, Dita Von Teese - rouge and the original one. Out of all Dita's perfumes rouge is my favourite. I love it because of it's poudery scent. The original scent (black bottle) is very floral and it's great for spring. Paco Rabanne Black xs is a very strong scent, which I like, but lately I prefer lighter scents, so I wont repurchase this one in the near future. I got Naomi Campbell Cat deluxe perfume while doing a contest for Slovenian Cosmopolitan. I used to love it and I'm seriously considering buying it again. Last item is an item I want to repurchase the most, but sadly it was a limited edition and I can't get it anywhere. It's Artdeco Dita Von Teese compact powder. I looooved using it because it's very light and it suits my skin tone.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

New in # 31

First category is eyes related. I couldn't resist this gorgeous Catrice palette (LE kaviar gauche). The packaging is very nice and will be a pretty accessory for my future vanity table. Sadly the pigmentation is not very good. Next is essence eyeshadow - 17 no cream, no sugar. It's matte brown color which I use to fill in my eyebrows. I also got essence make me brow - 02 browny brows, and I must say that this is an amazing product. I also pick up a new mascara, it's Deborah divine volume & curve and Rimmel scandaleyes waterproof kohl kajal - 005 nude.

Next up, lippies. First is Alverde - 30 dominant pink, it's a limited edition, so grab it while you still can. I really like the packaging of this one aswell. I also get my first Rimmel lipstick - lasting finish by Kate - 105. Next is my favourite lip product, L'oreal Extraordinare - 102 Rose Finale. This is my second lipstick and definitely not the last. I know a lot of people were raving about Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers, so I had to get one. Mine is 304 eclipse and I really like it, I just hate the smell of it.
I have already written about this little gem here. It's Lush Cosmetic Warrior face mask and I finally repurchase it.
I really did splurge on Rimmel, didn't I? I also got  Stay Matte pressed powder and mousse foundation. I absolutely love them both and I use them every day. Next is essence  highlighting powder (Cinderella TE) - 01 the glass slipper.
It's time for some blushes. This time I've got three. I haven't used essence blush (Cinderella TE) - 01 so this is love and essence blush  (Brit - tea TE) - 01 tea-rific garden party yet, but I have been using Alverde blush - 20 lolli pink every day and I love it.

Last two items are Dove shower gel and Rimmel Salon pro Kate nailpolish - 703 rock n roll.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Essence Trend edition FUN FAIR preview

Fun and excitement is guaranteed at the fun fair! With the new trend edition “fun fair”, essence is taking a fantastic tour of the fairground   from mid July to mid August 2015. The wonderful scent of cotton candy, popcorn and candy apples is in the air and thrilling attractions ensure a lively atmosphere and cheerful visitors. The colour scheme consists of pastel shades like vanilla, apricot, rosé and mint with pink and lavender as a bright contrast. Highlights are the four satin matt nail polishes in sweet colours with four different candy fragrances and the two cotton candy nails for a cool cotton candy effect! The stretchy hair ties are another must-have with their cute lollipop design. Let’s take a ride on the Ferris wheel… with essence!
Beauty bonbons! The slightly shimmering pearls offer your face and neckline a subtle glow. The perfectly aligned pastel shades are inspired by the fabulous nuances of the world of sweets. Available in 01 keep sweet and sparkle on!
Love at first blush. The blush with a soft, baked texture – available in a choice of intensive pink or radiant apricot – ensures a fresh, summery complexion. For naturally rosy cheeks like you’ve just come back from a ride on the Ferris wheel. Available in 01 ring around the rosy and 02 sweetheart´s sweet tooth.

FAIRly FUNtastic! The three different eyeshadows in vanilla-rosé, mint and lavender with a baked, soft and powdery texture as well as a fabulous marble effect ensure gorgeous colour highlights for your eyes. Applied moist, the colour is even more intense. Available in 01 you´re mint-blowing, 02 be my marshfellow! and 03 plump it up!
Cotton candy topping! Conjure-up a fluffy cotton candy effect on your nails with the cotton candy nails – a cool mix of glitter and powder. Simply sprinkle the nail powder in rosé-pink or mint on top of freshly applied nail polish that’s still wet, allow to dry and you’re done! Available in 01 candylicious and 02 sugar for my honey!.

Summer lips! Create summery accents on your lips in bright pink or fresh apricot. The lipsticks offer semi-transparent coverage and are easy to apply thanks to the slim stick shape. Available in 01 ring around the rosy and 02 sweetheart´s sweet tooth.

Smells like candy… four nail polishes in the summery shades mint, rosé, pink and apricot – all with a trendy, silky-matt finish – give your nails a fashionable look. All nail polishes have different, subtle candy fragrances reminiscent of your last visit to a fun fair. 01 You´re mint-blowing, 02 Be my marshfellow!, 03 Ring around the rosy, 04 Sweetheart´s sweet tooth.
So sweet… put your hair up in a ponytail with these soft, elastic hair ties before your next rollercoaster ride! The hair ties come in five pastel shades and are a really cool eye-catcher and present thanks to the cute lollipop packaging style. 01 The bright ride of life

How cute is this trend edition? For such a huge cotton candy and fairgrounds lover, such as myself, it's perfect. I want every single item!