Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Beauty box: Chic things for smart girls summer edition

Click2chic surprised us with a new beauty box again. This time it was a blind buy, because I only know for two products, other were mystery. You can order your box here, where you can also order previous one which is on sale.

Green line - micellar cleansing water, I love using them, but I have never tried this one.
Amai - moisturizing cream, this one is for face and body, but I think I will only use it for my body, especially my hands.

Revlon tweezer, we all need them, right?
Visett body hair remowal. I'm looking forward to trying this out.

Models OWN scented nailpolish - Gumballs, I'm happy to add this one into my collection. I smells like bubblegum and it's in pretty pink shade. 
phi repair conditioner samples, being on a constant lookout for a good conditioner, this will help me alot, so I can test a new product, without buying it.

What do you think about this box? I personally think that the previous one was better. If I would see all the products before, I probably wouldn't buy it, but on the other hand I'm glad I got it, because I will have a chance to test some of the products I normally wouldn't buy.


  1. Hvala, Kim, za objavo. :) Tokrat mislim, da bom preskočila. Green Line micelarno in Models Own lak že imam, ostalo pa me toliko ne mika. Se pa strinjam, da je bila prejšnja škatla boljša. :D

  2. Nobene škatle nisem kupila, ampak se strinjam da je prva boljša :) Micelarna vodica je pa meni super :)

  3. Mene pa te škatle ne prepričajo... Ni mi všeč ta design, tak pust se mi zdi & vsebina me ne prepriča nikakor.

    Me pa ZELO zanima take Visett kako deluje, napiši kakšen post :)

  4. Tudi mene dizajn škatle ne privlači. Ampak vsebina pa mi je všeč :D