Friday, 8 May 2015

The age of Adaline OOTD

Wednesdays are reserved for my mom. We usually got to the cinema and do a little shopping too, girls will be girls I guess. This week we went and see The age of Adaline which is great movie. I love Blake Lively, her dog in the movie, the fashion and the whole story. You should go and watch it aswell. And now to my outfit, I wore H&M jeans jacket, Primark T-shirt, New Yorker skirt and bag and New Look flats. I also dyed the tips of my hair, they are supposed to be purple, but are more pinkish red.


  1. Pretty! <3 Ti pašejo takšna barva konic na laseh. :))

    Drugače pa sva midva s fantom nekaj časa nazaj tudi šla gledat Adaline in mi je res odličen film, en boljših v zadnjem času. :) Pa Blake Lively je res simpatična igralka. :)

  2. Jaz sem tudi pogledala ta film, Blake Lively mi je pa tako ali tako top igralka pa ne samo igralka top ženska v vseh pogledih :)