Sunday, 26 April 2015

New in # 30 pt. 2 (clothes) + OOTD

I went shopping last week with no intention to buy something. But you know how that goes, if you really need something, you won't find it and when you are broke, you find tons of items you like. This time I picked this gorgeous top in C&A and really comfortable and light trousers in Kik. I love those two pieces because they  are both very light, ideal for summer. Today was very sunny and also very warm, so I decided to wear this outfit for a quick bike ride to the pond near my house and for an ice cream. I also wear my H&M necklace and sandals from some random shoe shop.


  1. Lušten outfit! :)
    To glede shoppinga pa čisto drži - pri meni je isto, ko kaj rabim...nič, ko ni denarja...všeč vse! :D

  2. joj ful ti paše tale outfit, vse po mojem okusu, sploh majčka mi je tok lepa, tisti čipkast del..te pa čist razumem, ko je denarnica že čist empty..takrat pa je kr naenkrat vse, kar bi imela:):):)

    P.s link od mojega bloga, če te pot slučajno zanese kdaj nanj:):):)

  3. Ta outfit je pa res dodelan in zelo ti paše... Mislim, da je to eden mojih najljubših (: