Saturday, 11 April 2015

New in # 30 pt. 1 + giveaway


I will soon ran out of my beloved Lee Stafford my big fat healthy hair shampoo & conditioner. They are a bit pricey (around 8€ each), so my mom was kind enough to buy them for me. She also treated me with L'oreal Elseve shampoo & conditioner. My old Tangle Teezer was in pretty bad shape, so I get myself with new one. I adore this hair brush and the fact that it doesn't have a handle doesn't bother me anymore. You can order it  here.


I stopped counting my L'oreal Micellar water bottles, I keep repurchasing this one, because it works great for me. Krasna is Slovenian brand which makes natural products based on lavender  This face tonic is my first product from the brand and so far I like it.


Bourjois Rouge edition Velvet are probably one of the most hyped liquid lipsticks at the moment. I luckily found them on sale and got myself two shades, 07 Nude-ist and 02 Frambourjoise. Their finish is matte and they are extremely longlasting. Chloe is a perfume that has been on my wishlist for quite some time. For me it was always too expensive, so I never got a chance to add it to my collection. Since me and my fiancee have started wedding planning I decided that this is a perfect opportunity to get a statement scent for our big day. I ordered mine here. Last item is a gift for one of you (slovenian reader). Click to my FB page to find out how you can win this models OWN - chrome mauve nailpolish. 


  1. Meni pa tale Lee Stafford balzam nikakor ni pasal. :( Bourjois matte šminke so pa itak najboljše. :)

  2. Od Krasne imam jaz suhi piling za obraz in čistilno peno in ju obožujem :D Bom tonik tudi v prihodnosti sprobala :D
    Parfumček moram enkrat povohat, embalaža mi je ful všečna :D

  3. Super izdelki! Meni so tako ali tako vsi Chloé parfumi všeč, res moram enkrat investicijo naredit ;) Moram pa priznat, da sta me Lee Stafford šampon in balzam za rjave lase res razočarala ... sploh ne morem porabit do konca. Očitno je ta verzija veliko boljša :)