Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Secret Santa

I have been participating in Secret Santa gift swaping for some years now. We organized one at some forum, which is not so active anymore, but we remained friends so we deicided that we will have one this year as well. This is a gift I got from my Santa Vera:

I'm a huge fan of shower gel (I won't count them, because there's too many of them:p) so I was happy to add this one to my collection because it smells amazing! I also love baths, so Balea bathstick is perfect for me, this one smells great too. Everybody needs glitter in their life, right? And if it's purple is even better. My nailpolish collection is big, but I don't have any she ones (not in their new package). The last thing is essence glossy lipbalm, which is so damn cute. Thank you Vera :)


This year Slovenian beauty bloggers organized a Secret Santa as well.  Živa was kind enough to organize it all. I recieved my gift from lovely Aleksandra. This is a package that she sent to me:

As a huge candle and everything sweet smelling lover I first noticed, or better say smellt wax melts from brand called O.W.N. candles which is actually Slovenian brand and this is my first product of that rand. My waxes are melon & strawberry scented, and let me tell you that they smell perfect! I think I need to buy more of their products. They also look very cute, because they are in a shape of roses. Next thing is this unique blue necklace, such an interesting piece. Another two items are Kiko nailpolish and flormar lipstick. I'm planning to wear them on new year's eve. She also sent me a Marionnaud eyeshadow palette. When I opened it I was stunned because all the colours are amazing! The palette itself is also very pretty, very festive. Thank you Aleksandra for such a nice gift :)

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  1. Tale balea dusch lotion je super. :3 božansko diši

    vesel božič. :D xoxo

  2. men je pa full paletka lepa :)