Thursday, 4 December 2014

Fall favourites

I haven't written a favourites post for some months now, so that's why I want to share with you some of my fall necessties. I have already started with listening to christmas songs and putting up fairy lights, so fall is over in my book, but we had a lovely fall. This year the temperatures were just perfect, not too cold, not too hot. There's no doubt that this kind of fall is my favourite! Now to the products that I have been loving recently.

When colder months come it's time for me to pay extra attention to my lips, because they get dry and chapped easily. I rediscover Labello lip butter vanilla & macadamia in my drawer. I now have it on my night stand and use is every morning and evening (sometimes even during the day, since I spend most of my days at home). I love it because it's better than normal lip balm, it is a butter after all. I love the scent but I'm not a fan of the packaging since I find it very hard to open it sometimes. With colder months, my hands become very dry, so hand creme is a must. I have them scattered all over my room in my handbags, my laptop bag, backpack.... My favourite at the time is Weleda with pomegranate. It dries out quickly and leave my hands moistured and smelling very lovely. Next is a blush. When I first saw this one I thought to myself that this is a perfect shade for fall. It's Essence silky touch blush - 80 autumn peach. I'm using it every day! I have been eyeing with Revlon colorstay foundation for quite some time. When they had it on sale I deicided to buy it. I love that it has great coverage. I really wish it would come with a pump because it's so thick that I have troubles getting it out sometimes. But other than that it's great foundation and I will definitely repurchase it.

I have been wanting Essence  Lash princess mascara since I first saw a preview for it. The packaging is super cute. When I first tried it out I was dissapointed, but then I learned to work with this cobra shaped brush and have been loving it ever since. Essence mascaras are really great and cheap too. I have been painting my nails with Essie - sole mate (not on the pictures) most of the times, since it matches my burgundy boots perfectly. Our house was filled with cinnamon scent thanks to Yankee candle - home sweet home. It's a bit cristmassy scent, but it's also great for fall. I drink tea throughout the whole year. My all time favourite for years has been Twinings Vanilla tea.

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  1. Joj vse me dražite z Yankee svečami, pa mam toliko sveč doma za pokurit da ne smem kupovat :( Maskare sm se tut js mogla navadit ampak zdaj ni dneva da je nebi uporabila, blush mi je tudi odličen. Lip butter mi pa ful lepo diši, ampak se moj tudi težko odpira, ostali (original, malina, borovnica in pa kokos) se pa ful lahko odpirajo, pa še ne pustijo mi belih usntic :D