Friday, 12 December 2014

My Christmas wishlist

Naked On The Run Gorenje blender Clarisonic Mia 2 Click2chic beauty box Lush lip scrub Lush christmas collection Benefit the POREfessional primer

I put together a collage of a few things that I really want. Of course as I grow older the things I want the most can't really be bought, but I still have some things on my wishlist. I think that you can never go wrong with Lush products. They have some really cute bath bombs in their new collection. I really like Snow fairy sparkle, which is actually a shimmer bar that smells great. I really like sweet scents so I also like Candy mountain bubble bar and The christmas penguin which is so cute. My lips would appreciate Bubblegum lip scrub, because they are not in the best shape during this cold weather. Next thing is probably on most of your wishlist, it's Clarisonic Mia 2 face cleansing brush. I know it's a bit pricey, but my face needs it! Next thing is also for my face, Benefit the POREfessional primer, I think you all know that this is a must for those of us with bigger pores. I have always wanted to subscribe for a beauty box, but they were never available in Slovenia, so imagine my happines when click2chic announce their brand new beauty box. I actually already ordered it, but I think my brother will go to the post and pay for it and gave it to me as a christmas present (Tim, hint hint^^). Now the thing that my parent agreed to get me, it's new blender from a brand Gorenje. We have one at home, but it's pretty old, so I would love to get a new one with sharper blades. Last thing is probably something that have been on my wishlist forever. My dear was probably sick of listening to me going on and on about Naked palletes, so this year he deicided to get me one. I'm still deiciding between one of the three eyeshadow palletes or their new on the run one. Help? Which one would you pick?

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  1. super wishlist ! samo tale lush izdelek- bubblegum lip scrub ni nič posebnega. Ima preveč parfumski vonj in cena je malce pretirana za izdelek, ki si ga lahko narediš v domači kuhinji :)

    1. Sem se odločila, da si bom kar sama doma naredila :)

  2. Skoraj vse iste stvari si želim tudi sama, tudi če je božič že mimo :)

    1. Saj se je fino tudi po praznikih malo obdarovati :)