Monday, 4 April 2016

Winter skincare favourites

Before I can say goodbye to winter I wanted to show you some products that helped me keep my skin moisturized during the winter. I have never had problems with dry skin on my body or face, but this year was different. Since I work in dry and hot bakery, my skin got very dry and itchy. For my body I was using Eucerine body lotion for sensitive skin.It is very easy to apply and has a nice, light smell.

Moving to my face, my every night time routine includes Oriflame true perfection refreshing eye illuminator. I have never paid much attention to the skin around my eyes, but when I got this product it changed my routine. Since I have to wake up at crazy hours and I don't get much sleep, this product helps my eyes from getting puffy. Even though my skin is oily it is not very hydrated so I treat it at night using Vichy Idealia skin sleep. I loooove everything about this face cream! I mean, look how cute the packaging is and the smell, but most of all, I love how it feels on the skin. In the morning I was using Matis shine controlpurifying care face cream. I'm very sad because I already used it up. It's one of the best face creams I have ever tried and I hope I will be able to repurchase it, since it's a bit pricey.

During the winter my lips are the ones that get dry first. I splurged a little with Clarins lip comfort oil. I love how it feels on the lips and it managed to make them smooth and nourished. I will repurchase this oil next winter for sure! I was using this oil at night and in the morning. During the day I was using Le Couvent de Minimes Eau Aimable smile lip balm. It smells of orange blossom, such a lovely scent.

Last on the list are my hands, I thing they are the ones that suffered the most. They were so dry that they started cracking and bleeding. Every night I apply thich layer of essence hand balm and in the morning I was using L'Occitane hand cream. This little orange gem is alessandro nail cream. I'm so thankful to the shop e-kozmetika for puting it into our goodie bags at our blogger conference. At first I was sceptical, because the one that I got is carrot & orange and I reeealy hate carrot. But suprisingly this one smells so good, I almost want to eat it every time I'm using it. It also nurishes my cuticles and makes the super soft.


  1. meni je tudi ful všeč tale Alessandro kremica :3

  2. Super objavica. Joj veš, da sem enkrat imela eno Matis kremico, sicer v tisti mini embalažici za potestirat in vem da je bla vlažilnam ampak kožo je pa tako napela kot nobena druga do sedaj. Potem grem gledat ceno in sem se zjokala:). Super izdelki. Tale kremica od Oriflame za pod učke se super bere,je pa sej veš, meni sestavinsko super od Melvite nectar supreme:),tudi Himalayina mi je bla ok. A pa od Loccitane immortele je zakoooonnn:) Loccitanove kremice za roke so pa itak nuja:)

  3. O, ja tale LCDM lip balm je tudi mene ful navdušil <333