Saturday, 24 October 2015

I'm married (our wedding story)

If you follow me on my instagram or facebook, you already know that I got married almost one month ago. We were engaged for three years now so it was about time we got married. The main reason we deicided to get married is that I got a job and we finally started living together. We are not one of those couples which plans their wedding one year in advance. We actually planned it in less than two months.  It wasn't easy, but totally worth it! It all started with me and my mom randomly shopping when we walked into Marks & Spencer. We were browsing the racks and my mom found herself a perfect dress, few moments later I found one for myself too. We were thinging of an event where to wear them and the first idea that popped into our mind was my wedding. I left my perfect dress in the shop, but my mom bought hers (I guess she knew that she will need it soon). Then we went into Humanic and there they were, the shoes that would go great with my dress. They were very cheap too, so my mom deicided that we have to get them. I haven't realize then that I will soon wear the down the aisle.

The hardest part was setting a date (althought I already knew which date I want). We had to arrange all papperworks for civil marriage, because I wanted a certain location which is not official place to get married. My dear had to make a ton of phone calls to arrange everything. We were lucky that we were able to get time dates for both civil and church wedding on the same day on such a short notice. We were lucky with the restaurant too. We found it in a little more than a month before the wedding.

Than came the time for invitations. We already knew who we want on our wedding. Neither of us wanted a big wedding with 100+ guests. At the end we made a list of 45 closest people we both wanted to have by our side on the big day.
To find a perfect design for our invitations we searched the whole web and at the end we ordered them at Poročni kotiček. They were very kind and print them immediately, so they were ready for us to pick them up on the next day. They looked amazing, better than I imagined! When I first saw them I realized that I'm getting married for real.

Time was running fast and there were tons of things to do. We wanted to deliver our invitations in person.  So that took a lot of time and in the end we had to send some via post.
I alwasy thought that finding a perfect wedding dress for me would be the hardest part, but it wasn't it was actually finding a men's vest. Our wedding wasn't a traditional wedding, I wasn't a bride in white and neither my husband was a groom wearing a tux. Instead he rocked black Converse, black Volcom pants, black shirt (with rolled up sleeves) and a black vest.

We had our rings custom made at Zlatarstvo Menart. They made us two beautiful rings. They are 2/3 mattes and mine have three little stones.

Gorgeous right?

Can you see a pretty bouqet on the upper photo? It was made in Gardenia. It was so beautiful, I have never see something so pretty. I wanted to have white callas and around them loads of black feathers.

If you haven't already figured out, the color theme was black and white, so we wanted everything in those colors. Next was the cake. On the cake I also wanted callas, to go with the theme. Alja made us perfect three story cake. We also got to choose three different cake flavours. We choose chocolate, sour cherry and pear. The cake was as tasty as it was pretty.

my second dress - Promod

There were just a few more things to tick off our list. I had my hair and makeup done at Studio Irča.
I didn't want a typical wedding updo, because I feel naked wearing my hair up, so instead I just had my hair straightened. My makup was a bit more bold, there was a lot of black, just like I like it the most. I got my hair previously colored and cut by always amazing Tjaša.

Nervous? Not at all :)

We wanted to decorate our venue in black and white. We have lots of baloons, made my BalonArt. We also made a black table runner and also found perfect napkins.

More photos:


There was laughter and a relaxed atmosphere throught the whole day. I'm pleased that everything went according to plan. There was also alot of dancing and singing (even an ex member of Šank Rock and an author of Metulj came and played as few of his hits). Special thanks to our families, to photograpfers Jernej and Urban and all our friends who came and helped us made our wedding day a day to remember.


  1. Čudovita sta. <3 Mi je pa najbolj všeč črnobela scena, čisto po mojem okusu. :) Sploh čevlji. *.* (Natalija)

  2. Res si mela lepo obleko, in super da je blo vse v vajinem stilu. Čestitam! :)

  3. Vau, resnično super! Navdušena nad vsem - lokacijo, prstani, sprejemom... Obilo ljubezni in sreče v zakonskem življenju! :)

  4. Čestitke! Zelo unikatna tema črno-bele :). Torta je fantastična in nohtki :) <3

  5. Poroka čisto po vajini meri. <3
    Še enkrat - ČESTITAM!

  6. Čestitke! Poroka pa je res bila nekaj čisto drugačnega od standardne vidim, lepo :)

  7. Prelepo, drugačno, preprosto, unikatno:):)

  8. Super, da sta si sama oblikovala poroko po vajini želji, ni treba da je vse po tradiciji, se strinjam :)

    Čestitke <3

  9. Čestitke!! :)
    Meni so zelo všeč take nekomplicirane, preproste simpatične poroke.
    Komentarji kot "Nikoli se ne bom poročila, ker nikoli ne bom imela dovolj denarja za mojo sanjsko poroko." so brezvezni pa tudi ideje o ne vem kako veliki in dragi poroki prav tako.
    Osebno imam raje čist skromno poroko pa več investiram v najine honeymoon. ;)

  10. Čestitke!! In zelo lepa poroka, mi je prav všeč - slikice tudi. Se mi zdi, da je res ti - ti. Black & White. Lepoo!

  11. Res prekrasna poroka, intimna, prikrojena vajinim željam, stilu, osebnosti itd.. tudi meni so take poroke najbolj pristne in najlepše :). Nohtki so res kjut, prav tako čevlji, že slikice pa izžarevajo čudovito in ljubečo atmosfero :)

  12. Waaaaaw!!!! Res nekaj posebnega! Čestitke ;)

  13. Waaaaaw!!!! Res nekaj posebnega! Čestitke ;)