Wednesday, 14 January 2015

What's on my nightstand?

Not so long ago my fellow blogger Ana Ina wrote a post about a content of her nightstand and since I got mine for my last birthday I will show you mine aswell.
As I said, I've got mine for my last birthday, my dear got it for me at Jysk. I know it doesn't go well with my bed at the moment, but we are planning to get a new bed in black anyway. If you have ever set a foot into my room you know that it's everything but minimalistic. I have a lot of things and I like to have them visible and somewhere I can easily reach them. That's why my nightstand is quite cluttered. Thankfully it has one small drawer where I can fit some bits and bobs. But more about the drawer later.

On the nightstand I keep Balea hand lotion, I love this one with a pump because it's super easy to use. Next is I love.... body lotion which also have a pump and smells delicious. Speaking of delicious, I love my H&M lip balm, it's very moisturazing and huge, so it will last you for a while. Of course there has to be a candle, this little one is from Primark. In this cupcake I keep some throat lozenges, because I often have a sore throat in the winter. Tnx to my very romantic fiancee I have those gorgeous tulips. There is also a light, it's a must and a framed picture of us. Most of the time there is also a cup of tea.

 In my drawer I keep another hand balm, this one is from Essence. I have two feet creams, one from Afrodita and the other one is from Hansaplast, this one also have a warm effect. In here there are two things from Nivea, the most famous one is this universal cream in blue tin and the small one is a lip butter. I (well my dear) uses Johnson's baby oil for giving me massages. There is also a lighter, some wet wipes and a hair tie.

I hope you liked this post:) Have a nice evening/day!

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  1. kok je luštna nočna omarca :D Baby olje je meni zakon za po tuširanju, ke rmam ful suho kožo, ga na mokro nanesem pa nič ne spiram in ful pomaga :D A tale Hansapalst krema za stopala res da tak topel efekt? Imam testerček pa ga ne upam uporabit haha :D

    1. Hvala. Ja za shuho kožo je superca tole olje. Krema pa dejansko da tak topel občutek, je prav fino, če je mraz :)

  2. Zelo luškana omarica!:) In fotografija na njej - čudovito!:)

  3. Joooj, kok lepo pa sveže rožce so vedno dobrodošle - imaš super dragega da te takole preseneti :)
    Balea losjon za roke na pumpico je tudi na moji nočni omarici, ker mi je všeč da se mi ni treba matrat s pokrovčkom :D

  4. Zanimiva objava :) Kateri so pa tile robčki v predalčku ? Jaz imam podobno svečko iz Primarka in res suuper diši :)

    1. Iz Accesories London so. Ane? Ful dišijo njihove svečke :)

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