Monday, 20 October 2014

Some people are worth melting for OOTD

It's no secret that I love Frozen and everything about it, that's why this T-shirt is perfect for me. Olaf is such a cool character and this quote is one of my favourites. This T-shirt and pants are from Primark, denim jacket is from H&M, sneakers are from New Yorker and OVS bag. (Sorry for bad pictures, I wasn't planing on making an outfit post, so I didn't thake a camera with me, they are taken with Samsung Note 3).

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  1. Preprost, ampak lušten outfit! <3
    Mi je izjemno všeč tale majčka + krasne slike. :))

    1. O hvala ti <3
      Kvaliteta slik bi pa bila lahko boljša, ampak je dslr počival doma, pa sem uporabila kar je vedno pri roki, telefon.

  2. Majčka <3 Perfektna za Frozen oboževalce :)

  3. Lušten outfit in zakon majčka, Frozen <3 :)

  4. Super majčka in joj kako pogrešam Ljubljano :(

  5. Hihi, zelo luštna majčka in vse ostalo tudi (: