Friday, 28 February 2014

TV shows to watch with your boyfriend

Heeeeeeeloouu (Marcus Butler voice) lovelies :) I was thinking about what to write of, but I could't think of anything. But you know how it goes, best ideas come to you, when you don't think about them. You probably know all girly TV shows you watch by yourself, but how about those meant for guys? Today I want to share with you some awsome TV shows that I watch with my fiancee, so you can (if you don't already) watch them with any boy in your life.

1. Supernatural
"Two brothers follow their father's footsteps as "hunters" fighting evil supernatural beings of many kinds including monsters, demons, and gods that roam the earth." (IMDB)
If you are into supernatural kind of things, you will love this show! They made 10 seasons, so you will have hours of fun watching them.

2. Vikings
"Vikings follows the adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok: the greatest hero of his age. The series tells the saga of Ragnar's band of Viking brothers and his family as he rises to become King of the Viking tribes. As well as being a fearless warrior, Ragnar embodies the Norse traditions of devotion to the gods: legend has it that he was a direct descendant of Odin, the god of war and warriors." (IMDB)
This show is absolutely amazing! I'm so glad that I came across it because it is currently one of my favourites. Season 2 started yesterday, so quick, check it out, you won't be sorry.

3. Grimm
"Portland detective, Nick Burkhardt, has seen some gruesome crime scenes, but nothing prepares him for the strange visions he begins seeing: seemingly regular people momentarily transforming into hideous monsters. A visit from his only living relative reveals the truth. Nick has inherited the ability to see supernatural creatures, and as a "Grimm," he is tasked with keeping the balance between mankind and the mythological. A reformed "Big Bad Wolf" becomes his greatest (and also reluctant) ally and confidant. It's not long before his work as a policeman leads Nick to the criminals he once thought were only found in fairy tales." (IMDB)
This show is easy to watch with a great story. I like this fairytale inspiration about it.

4. Arrow
"Oliver Queen and his father are lost at sea when their luxury yacht sinks, apparently in a storm. His father dies, but Oliver survives for five years on an uncharted island and eventually returns home. But he wasn't alone on the island where he learned not only how to fight and survive but also of his father's corruption and unscrupulous business dealings. He returns to civilization a changed man, determined to put things right. He disguises himself with the hood of one of his mysterious island mentors, arms himself with a bow and sets about hunting down the men and women who have corrupted his city." (IMDB)
In this show you will find a lot of action and a bit of romance too, so it is great for boys and girls to watch together.

5. Grey's Anatomy
"Grey's Anatomy is a medical drama set at the fictional Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in Seattle. The series covers the stories of the interns and residents at the hospital as they try to balance their personal lives with the demands of their medical training." (IMDB)
After watching this show, you will see hospitals in a totaly different dimension. Whenever I go to the hospital, I expect to bump into characters from this show.

Of course there are many more good shows to watch, like Lost, One Tree Hill, The O.C., Greek, Game of Thrones, 90210, Legend of the Seeker....


  1. Midva priporočava še The walking dead (gledava skupaj) in Californication (bo zihr zanimivo za oba). :)

    1. The Walking Dead Jan sam gleda, pa je pohvalil, Californication pa še nisva. Je preveč fajnih serij pa ne gre vse naenkrat:(