Thursday, 22 August 2013

blog's 2nd birthday

As you can figure out from the title, my blog is celebrating it's second birthday and for that occasion I made a facebook page especially for it. You can find the page here. One more thing, I will also start writing in english because I find it easier to write in english than in my language.
Today I also wanted to tell you about the begginings of my blog, failed__beautification. I started writing blog with the same name in 2007. In that time blogs wern't as popular as they are now, so I mostly post quotes and pretty pictures I found on the other blogs. It was more of my diary than anything else. I wrote it for about one year. I think that it helped me alot with going through some dark times in my life (mostly love related). But when I found my prince charming sexy vampire, I stopped writing it. Two years ago I decided that it was time for me to continue my blogging journey, not for the same reason as before, obviously, because now I'm the happiest, but even though I wanted to keep the name of my blog. I can't really remember why I chose that name, but I like it. I never thought of myself as a pretty girl, my selfesteem was always very low, so this name suits me well.


  1. Čestitke! Happy blogoversary! ;)

  2. vse najboljše vama ;) tebi&blogu ;) le tako naprej!

  3. Uuu, 2007 to pa je res že zgodaj. Sem vesela da si našla princa na črnem konju :D Čestitke tudi z moje strani (:

  4. Happy Birthday!! :)

    Visit me: :)