Sunday, 7 May 2017

Black Harry Potter themed OOTD

If you know me, you can tell I love black color. Majority of my clothes are in black, because those kind of outfits are my favourite. I feel the best in casual clothes and since today is sunday this laid back outfit is perfect for a stroll in the city centre.

I'm proud that I can say that I finally found perfect trousers that fit me. I struggled for years to find a pair that is long enough, because I'm very tall. Those black skinnies are from Primark and they cost only 8€. My Harry Potter (After all this time - Always) is also from Primark. In last two years this became my favourite store, I call it my happy place because I always find amazing pieces for affordable price. The blazer that I'm wearing is from New Yorker. Originaly it came with gold buttons, but I replaced them with silver ones. My silver shoes are from TK Maxx and they are my absolute favourite at the moment.

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  1. MajĨka je ful lepa! Itak, Harry Potter fan, haha =D