Wednesday, 4 June 2014

May favourites

Yes it's this time of the month again. Today I deicided I will sort my favourites in different categories, starting with....

something good for your nose

I have been burning Yankee Candle - Pink Lady Slipper all the time, it has a perfect scent for the spring. If you are nearby the store Vonj narave, give it a sniff.
I have been also loving the scent of J. Lo -  Glow. It's such a light fragnance suitable for everyday.

pretty nail polishes

This month I have finally bought Essie - mint candy apple which have been on my wishlist for sooooo long, I don't know why I haven't bought it sooner, it's perfect mint shade and I love wearing it.  Second favourite nail polish at the moment is Essie - smokin' hot, which is the most perfect purple shade, I just can't get enough of it.

  for the face

 I have been using Essence pure skin moisturizer for a while now and I can truly say it is worth trying. I use it under my make up and it works great, it also doesn't make me break out, which is a big plus.
For cleaning my face I started using La Roche - Posay Effaclar purifying foaming gel which cleans my skin very well, the only thing I don't like about is is the scent.

eyes & lips

I was eying with L'oreal  miss manga mascara for quite some time, but when I finally got it, I fell in love with it. It's amazing what this mascara can do to my eyelashes, I can't even describe how amazing it is.
Next is Blistex complete moisture which I actually forgot about and when I found it in a bag that I haven't wear for a while, I started using it again. I always have pretty chapped lips, but this little fella saved them. And with my newly smooth lips I re-discover and start wearing again my Essence stay with me longlasting lipgloss - 02 my favorite milkshake.


And now to my favourite category, food (as you can tell). Me and my fiancee discovered this Menthe ice cream in Lidl and have to buy it. It is soooooo yummy, it tastes like after eight. I think I will have this in my freezer all through  the summer. On sume yucky rainy day I was walking through Leclerc and wanted to treat myself, I saw this Afizona half ice tea & half lemonade, I fell in love with it after the first sip. And another beverage is Cool Moments strwaberry and rhubarb ice tea (Hofer). It's great because it is not sweat at all. And of course, our cherries, which you can see on all the pictures. We have two trees on our backyard and they are full of cherries.


On my feet I have been wearing my New Look flats. I love them because of their vintage look. You must be wondering how come I haven't post an outfit with those? To tell you the truth, whenever I get a piece of clothing I really like, I want to "save" it for one special outfit and then make a post about it, so you will be seeing more of those shoes.

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  1. UU Arizona.. Ti je všeč ta? Jaz še je nisem poizkusila... In morem te pohvalit, ampak čudovite slike. Kombinacija z pikčasto podlogo in češnjami je zelo lepa (: