Sunday, 18 May 2014

My make up brushes and what I use them for

I was thinking about the best way to show you my most used brushes and I came to the idea that I should do a post only about my brushes I use on a daily basis. I also want to show the products I apply with each brush so you will get the picture what I use them for. I use some of them for applying more products and some of them only for one purpose. Most of my brushes are Real Techniques from Sam's picks collection.

The first brush is Real Techniques pointed foundation brush. I use this brush to apply my concealer. I use Catrice camouflage cream (010 ivory) and Bourjois happy light (21 ivore).

My next brush is Real Techniques buffing brush, which I find great for applying liquid foundation. At the moment I mix two of them, Dainty doll (002) and Yves Rocher youthful glow (100 rose). I also use this brush for aplying a bronzer, which is MUA mosaic bronzer.

I use my Real Techniques multi task brush for compact ar loose powder. I use Manhattan soft compact powder (1 naturelle) and Yves Rocher loose powder (02 transparence beige). With this brush I also apply my blush wich is Essence Beauty Beats LE (01 grupie at heart) and Yves Rocher (10 teint clair rose). 

Next in my collection is Real Techniques setting brush which I found great for applying highlighter, mine is Essence Metal Glam LE (01 gold digger).

Now to my eyes, I have three Essence blending brushes. As you can see, one of them have a white and the other have black tape around them. I use the white one for lighter shades (white, light grey and neutrals), the black one is for black shade and the third one is for other colours. Eventhough those are blending brushe, I use the po apply my eyeshadow onto my eyelids. I also have Real Techniques essential crease brush and as you can guessed from it's name, I use it to apply an eyeshadow to the crease.

Next is my fake MAC Helly Kitty angle brush which I use on lazy days, instead of liquid eyeliner, I just draw a line with a black eyeshadow.

For filling in my eyebrows I use this double Essnce eyebrow brush.

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  1. Super post :) Bo treba RT čopiče sprobat :D Si jih že nekaj časa ogledujem :)

  2. Jaz sem si pa ravno naročila "fake" RT čopiče in moram rečt, da so top!