Monday, 2 September 2013

New in #14

Hi dolls. Today I want to show you my little haul from past two weeks. I was spending the whole week in Ljubljana, so shopping was inevitable. In DM I bought a little something something for my purse, Essence - Like a day in a candy store 10 ml perfume, because I ran out of it and I wanted to buy it again since I'm a sucker for sweet scents and this one is really cheap and it smells amazing. I also bought 2 mini deosprays from Balea. One is called Nasch Katze and smells like cherries and the other one is called called Sensitive (with Aloe Vera), I like that one more, because of it's neutral smell.

In the accesories department, I made two exchanges on I got a Graceland bag, two rings and earrings with black rose. In H&M I bought myself a pack of silver sparkly knuckle rings, which I wear now every day. I finnaly got sunglasses which I ordered on ebay a month ago.

I also got my first and the second Yankee candle. My brother bought me the Honey Blossom one for my birthday (which is tomorrow) and I got myself a little Summer Scoop. Honey blossom is a floral scent which consists of flower nectar, honey musk, freesia and woods. Summer scoop is a very sweet, like a strawberry icecream. I like them both and I smell them all the time.

And lastly, new clothes. I was strolling around the shops without any intention to buy new clothes, since I have to save my money for trip to London. But when I saw this skater skirt with black cat heads on, I couldn't resist. I found this cute T-shirt and go to the dressing room, to just try it on, of course it had to go with me. It's just to cute to be left at the store.

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